Embrace The Present & Enjoy What Is

Embrace The Present & Enjoy What Is

It’s always around the end of the year that a slew of feelings and emotions begin to arise. We begin to see messages like “There are x days left in the year to accomplish your goals. Go, go, go!” This kind of messaging not only produces unnecessary anxiety but can put an extra amount of pressure on an already hectic time of year. This year, I am unsubscribing from this mentality. Our timeline isn’t over as a year ends and a new one begins. Take the pressure off of yourself to accomplish every goal or resolution you set this year. Know that things take time and some things may take longer than you anticipated. Let’s release the need to compare our journey’s to others. Instead, take time to reflect on all the growth you experienced this year. All of the little and big wins. The breakthroughs, the rock bottoms you surpassed, the nurturing you gave yourself, the laughter and experiences you took pleasure in. All of the little moments that only you experienced. Be proud. Give yourself love and grace for all that you are.

For the moments where you held on. For the days where you began again. For the instances where you stood up for yourself and your needs. For the constant love in your heart that shows up time and time again. Life is about the little things. The little moments that make up the big shifts over time. When you look back at who you were five years ago, do you recognize yourself? Have you grown into a new you? This transformation is so subtle that we don’t even notice it’s happening. Know that this is happening now, day by day, you are blooming into a new version of yourself. 

Make sure to schedule in moments for yourself. Take pleasure in your daily rituals. Set boundaries where you need them while enjoying this season of connection and celebration. Give yourself permission to celebrate all of the past versions of yourself, all that you are today and all that you are becoming. 

With love,



Matcha Recipe

This past month I found Ella’s IG account

and fell in love with her simple healthy recipes.

Specifically obsessed with this Matcha recipe.

It’s a good one. Enjoy! 


Moon Cycle Playlist

Over the past months, I’ve been learning more about Menstrual Cycle Awareness and how women have different seasons each month in which our energy levels, hormones and emotions shift. Our inner spring, summer, autumn and winter all require different forms of attention from us and if we begin to honor our natural cycles we begin to notice so much more flow in our day to day. I created this “Moon Cycle” meditation playlist that holds my favorite meditations for every season you are in.


What's The Juice? - Liver Podcast

Learned so much in this episode on how to nourish our Liver Qi to feel more emotionally balanced, balance hormones and release stress. 


Anima Mundi Happiness Powder

I’ve been using my Happiness Powder in my morning elixir for months. It’s delicious, has tons of benefits and gives me the same nurturing feeling as a cup of coffee. I love mixing this with the collagen powder by Anima Mundi and blending with oat milk and hot water.


Zitsticka Body Scrub

Love using this refreshing body scrub in my morning shower. It helps keep my skin smooth and I gotta say the packaging looks extremely cute in the shower too. Win! 

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