But Why Gua Sha?!

But Why Gua Sha?!

Welcome to "But Why?!", our new column where we aim to make all things wellness and skincare more digestible. Our first topic of discussion is facial gua sha. We’ve been obsessed with the simplicity and therapeutic practice of gua sha for the face for a while now. Without further ado, let’s dive into the benefits of this ritual.

What Is Gua Sha?

‘Gua’ meaning stroke/press and ‘Sha’ meaning redness. We love how this calming, ancient practice rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine relieves tension, gives a microburst of circulation to speed healing, and improves lymphatic drainage in the face for an overall more contoured, depuffed, glowing complexion. It is intended to address stagnant energy called ‘Chi’ which can be responsible for inflammation, chronic pain, and accelerated ageing. Gua sha also helps active ingredients in your skincare products penetrate the skin deeper and have a more prolonged, lasting effect. Consistent practice will promote better function of the skin from the inside out, leaving it smoother and more hydrated. Glow up time!

How Should I Gua Sha?

The method involves slow, steady strokes and light pressure with gua sha tool to create the appearance of a lifted, toned and brighter complexion. When using the right gua sha tool, you can promote lymphatic drainage by promoting your strokes in natural lymph flow. This will encourage toxins and fluid to flush out and decrease swelling. Also, the time of day you add gua sha to your routine matters. In the morning, it's about treating puffiness and energizing the skin, while at night you work more on relaxing the muscles and releasing tight connective tissue.

Steps : 

- First, cleanse the face and apply a moisturizer or facial oil. Using an oil for gua sha helps the stone tool glide smoothly and effortlessly on your skin, making the process easier, more comfortable, and more effective.

- The neck : place your supporting hand on the collarbone. Take the long curved side of the gua sha and rub upward to the jawline. Give a small wiggle and repeat along the rest of the neck. 

- The jawline : place your supporting hand in the centre of the cheek. Take the two-pronged side of the gua sha and angle the centre of your chin into the curve of the gua sha so that there is a prong on either side of the jawline. Rub along the jaw to the end of the ear. Give the gua sha a small wiggle and repeat on the other side. 

- The cheekbone : place your supporting hand above the mouth. Take the flat side of the gua sha so that it covers the length of the cheek and rub upward towards the ear. Then give a gentle wiggle back and forth before repeating on the other side.

- Forehead : take your supporting hand to one side of the forehead and hold. With the other hand, take the flat side of the gua sha and run it along the forehead to the hairline. Give the gua sha a small wiggle to encourage lymphatic drainage, and repeat on the opposite side. 

- Eyebrows : if using a gua sha with a heart-shaped edge, take that side to the top of the nose and rub along the eyebrow line to the temple. Give a small wiggle and repeat on the opposite side. 

- Under eyes : hold the nose with your supporting hand and rub one of the curved edges underneath the eye line to the temple. Wiggle the gua sha as before and then repeat on the opposite side.

Sana Tip : Popping the roller into the fridge enhances the cooling effect of the natural stone. A refrigerated roller can feel really good on your skin, and it creates an even tighter, firmer feeling as the cold tenses and tightens the skin tissues. Do not put the roller in the freezer; it’s too cold, and the stone may crack.  

Boost Your Skin Glow :

To depuff, detox and reveal a brighter complexion, we recommend adding our muse favorite Gua Sha Add On to your monthly facial.

- The Gua Sha Lymphatic Massage : Book a facial at Sana Fort Lauderdale and enjoy a complimentary Gua Sha Add On with code “NewGlow”. Valid until February 28th 2023.

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*Muse Ritual Gua Sha + Roller Kit : 

If you're looking for ways to keep your skin feeling glowy, dewy, de-puffed, and refreshed while at home after a long day, on the road — or in the air — try the facial roller. We promise you won't regret it! The roller targets all of your under-eye concerns—bags, puffiness, dark circles, and wrinkles—providing your fatigued eyes with the TLC they deserve. A best practice would be to use the facial roller first for the lymphatic drainage benefits, and then use the gua sha tool for deeper muscle release.

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