How To Get Rid Of Mascne 101

How To Get Rid Of Mascne 101

Looking out for your safety and the well-being of others amid this pandemic has introduced a pesky new skin concern. Your must-have, new normal accessory, the face mask, is now linked to clogged pores and other skin concerns around the mouth and jaw area. Breakouts, in particular, have become so common that mask acne has a fun new nickname, "maskne." It's not a new concept; maskne was common back when we had the first SARS epidemic and, don't worry, there are simple preventable tips you can follow to keep breakouts minimal.

Summertime and the livin's easy, or so we thought. These breakouts are due to friction between your mask and your skin. Add in a dash of humidity, warm tropical temperatures, and voilà. You have the perfect environment for bacteria and, therefore, "acne mechanica," if you want to address maskne by her real name. 

So, let's break it down. We're not letting zits get in the way of wearing our masks. Instead, we're upping our hygiene game to prevent maskne and treat blemishes if they appear. Here's how:

Tip #1: Secure the mask

Phone, wallet, keys… mask? Yes, we can't leave the house without it, but you shouldn't just throw it in your bag and go. Think about opting for a travel pouch for your mask, so it's protected until you need to wear it again. If you don't have room for another small bag, think about purchasing a face mask chain or lanyard. New mask accessories are surprisingly chic and convenient. Keep your mask within reach and away from your pocket, purse, or any place where you can risk contamination. Remember to switch up your mask if you're wearing a disposable one and wash your reusable mask before wearing it for the first time and after each use. 

Tip #2: I bet you've heard this before… wash your face

Cleansing is critical, and having the right kind of face wash on your skincare roster can help minimize oil production and keep pores clean. Be religious about cleansing your skin immediately when you get home and look for cleansers with acne-fighting ingredients like salicylic acid like our Acne Cleanser by Naturopathica. You don't want to strip your skin as it may irritate, so be mindful of how your skin feels post-wash and follow with a lightweight moisturizer and SPF during the day.

Tip #3: Opt for a deeper clean

Exfoliation and effective actives are just as crucial in keeping maskne at bay, and at times, it's best to leave it to the professionals. Opt for a facial to tackle dullness and irritation to reveal glowing skin beneath your mask. The added stress of living in this COVID-19 world is just as big of a trigger for maskne. So, be mindful of your self-care and skincare routine. These two practices converge at Sana, where we customize our facials to your skin needs by our amazing skin healers. Our signature 50-minute facial is the perfect monthly maintenance for your skin needs. 

So you've broken out. What now?

Tip #4: The right routine

I've been a culprit of following a skincare routine that has left my skin taught. What first felt clean and refreshing quickly turned into an inflammation nightmare, featuring the special guests on my chin. That's why the right kind of skincare routine is always vital, especially in this situation. Gentle needs to meet effective, and our Sana Skin Healers can help you curate a customized routine (through a virtual consultation or in-store) void of harsh sulfates, fragrances, or toxic ingredients.

Tip #5: The spot treatment 

Say goodbye to that stubborn breakout with a topical acne spot treatment: our MVP, the Chlorophyll & Salicylic Acid Spot Treatment from Naturopathica. When looking for a spot treatment, you want a penetrating BHA like salicylic acid (you've probably seen this name before on acne-fighting systems). Apply a dot of this clarifying product before bed and wake up to a significant improvement in the look of the blemish and other acne scars' appearance. 

Go forth and wear your mask, confident that maskne won't phase you, and if it does, just remember this too shall pass. 

Muse on!

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This helped me understand mascne more than anything else. It’s been frustrating breaking out, out of nowhere because of this mask when I didn’t have to deal with that before. Thanks to this perfect blog I can now treat my mascne professionally!

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