Muse World Founder Edition Ft. Dianna Cohen

Muse World Founder Edition Ft. Dianna Cohen

Meet Dianna Cohen, the founder of Crown Affair, a line of clean haircare essentials for healthier hair. 

We've had the pleasure of meeting Dianna in person and not only is she insanely sweet and relaxed but she also has the most stunning hair ever. It's no wonder her brand Crown Affair has made an impressive impact in the clean haircare space. Everything from the formulations to the aesthetics is top notch.


With a focus on taking time to take care of your hair just as we take care of our skin, Dianna aims to change the way we think of haircare and transform it into a mindful ritual we can't live without. 



What led you to create

Crown Affair?

I started Crown Affair out of a deep love and curiosity for hair. Hair has always been the thing I’ve taken care of — something I’ve found self assurance in. My final accessory before going out the door, the thing that always felt most ‘me’.

I’ve always been the go-to friend for hair advice. I would talk to friends who felt so disempowered by their hair. I consolidated my best tips into a Google doc with the 12 things you should do to care for your hair— all these little things like brushing before bed or using a silk hair tie, or what you should look for in a shampoo based off your lifestyle. The document was shared way beyond my immediate network. It became clear how little guidance and education there was in this category. Realizing the lack of relatability in existing hair care brands, I decided to create Crown Affair.

Neada Deters Lesse Founder

What is your favorite product you've created so far?

It's hard to choose just one, but I must say that The Dry Shampoo and The Leave-In Conditioner are my top favorites among the products I've created. I find myself reaching for either one or both of them every day. They offer refreshing and hydrating benefits while allowing me to extend the time between wash days, all while maintaining the health, hydration, and effortless look of my hair.

What’s a challenge that you’ve been faced with this year & what have you learned from it?

Maintaining a clear brand identity and mission is paramount. As we adapt to changes in the industry, it's essential to stay true to the core values and essence of Crown Affair. This ensures that our loyal customers continue to resonate with our brand and attract new customers who align with our philosophy.

Neada Deters Lesse Founder

What keeps you inspired?

It’s the impact that our products and brand have on people's lives. Hearing stories from our customers about how Crown Affair has transformed their hair care rituals and improved the health of their hair is incredibly motivating.

Ultimately, the love for hair care and the vision of making hair care a meaningful and enjoyable ritual for everyone is what truly keeps me inspired as I lead Crown Affair on its journey of growth and impact.

What are your favorite morning rituals?

My favorite morning rituals involve beginning the day in the kitchen, where I make myself a cup of coffee then sit on the balcony to journal and meditate. I do some stretching while immersing myself in a podcast or poetry via audio.

What’s something surprising that most people wouldn’t know about you?

I’m a verbal processor and easily distracted, so I’ve found that closing my eyes is incredibly helpful when I’m communicating to my team or on a phone call. It quiets any visual distractions and allows me to clearly focus on the thought and also listen in the most mindful way.

Favorite wellness splurge?

Microcurrent facials— I’ve found them to be incredibly effective in providing a tightening and lifting effect on my face. Even though they don't involve extractions, it works wonders in giving my face a noticeable lift!

Ok queen of hair, give us your best hair tip:

Be kind to your hair. Pay attention to the ingredients in your hair products, opting for a non-harsh surfactant system in your shampoos or scrubs. Consistency is key, so establish a hair care routine that you can follow regularly. Treat your hair gently— using a microfiber towel to absorb dampness, a wide-tooth comb on wet hair, securing it with a silk scrunchie or a gentle clip. Additionally, incorporating a weekly deep conditioning mask can be a game-changer, providing your hair with much-needed hydration and enhancing its health. By keeping your hair well-hydrated and healthy, you'll find that you can reduce the frequency of using heat tools, leading to longer and stronger hair over time. All of these little actions contribute to the overall health of your hair.

Rapid Fire Q's:

Zodiac Sign:


Favorite Podcast:

Poetry Unbound, On Being with Kristia Tippett

Favorite Book You Read This Year:

The Overstory by Richard Powers

Best Advice You've Ever Received:

Take Your Time. No one ever got mad at a slow simmer. You heat up too fast and you can burn quickly too— whether it’s with a romantic relationship or making a soft scramble, low and slow is the way.

A Song That Lifts Your Mood:

Get What you Give by New Radicals

On My Way Rusted Root

Head over to her IG @DiannaCohen to take a peek into her universe.

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