Muse World Founder Edition Ft. Neada Deters

Neada Deters

Meet Neada Deters, the founder of Lesse, a line of natural skin care essentials developed to change the way you think about beauty. 

Neada has been an OG sana muse since the very beginning and a clear leader in the clean beauty space. Not only do we fully align with her holistic approach to skincare and the quality and transparency behind her products but we are also admirers of her infectious sense of courage and purpose when it comes to business and life. 


With a focus on shifting paradigms around beauty and elevating the experience of natural skin care, Deters self-funded LESSE to encourage others to pare back their skin care rituals for the integrity of their skin and our planet. Personally and through LESSE, Deters remains an advocate for several charitable causes with an emphasis on environmental policy, women’s rights, and protection of the most vulnerable communities. 

Tell us about yourself:

I’m the founder of LESSE. We create performance-driven skin care with a minimalist philosophy. All of our formulas center on active botanicals, which are natural ingredients that are scientifically proven to be effective.

This reverence for botanicals and obsession with skin care derives from my childhood in Sydney. Caring for and protecting your skin, with natural ingredients and mineral sunscreens, is an inherent part of Australian culture. But my appreciation for efficacy and simplicity is the result of my life in New York, where I’m now based.

What led you to create Lesse?

Before I started LESSE, I was an editor writing about beauty. I was interviewing the world’s foremost experts and testing every skin care product on the market but I couldn’t find high-performance, all-natural solutions for my own acne, hyperpigmentation, and chronic sensitivities. With years of ingredient and market research as an editor, I decided to create my own.

LESSE is ostensibly simple but, in reality, our formulas are extraordinarily complex. We devote years to rigorous research and development, in order to achieve multi-beneficial results for a diversity of skin needs—and skin tones.

Neada Deters Lesse Founder

What is your favorite product you've created so far?

I’m immensely proud of our Every Tone SPF 30. It is the sunscreen I have searched for my whole life, and could only dream of wearing—let alone developing. It took us four years to perfect this universal non-nano zinc SPF 30 which blends into all skin tones, leaving no white cast. It’s also non-comedogenic and wonderful for sensitive skin.

What are your favorite morning rituals?

Most mornings I read a little then walk over to Pilates. After my class, I walk home to shower and practice my skin care ritual before a bowl of yoghurt with granola and coffee.

Neada Deters Lesse Founder

What keeps you inspired?

Art, travel, and nature. I’m also constantly inspired by our community and the wonderful people we have the opportunity to work with every day.

How do you stay grounded in this busy world?

Walking. I love to walk—it’s when my mind goes quiet and the beauty of the world opens up around me. I’m incredibly lucky to live in a walking city.

What's always on your nightstand?

A few books, our LESSE Regeneration Mist and Soothing Lip Balm, and a bottle of water.

Favorite wellness splurge?

Facials, of course!

Rapid Fire Q's:

Zodiac Sign:


Favorite Podcast:

Favorite Book:

100 Years of Solitude by Gabriel García Márquez

Best Advice You've Ever Received:

Live with purpose, lead with compassion.

A Song That Lifts Your Mood:

If You Know You Know, Pusha T

Head over to her IG @neadadeters to take a peek into her universe.

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