Muse World Ft. Adri Urdaneta

Muse World Ft. Adri Urdaneta

Meet Adri, a full time artist based in Miami with interests that range from painting to self care to nature. Adri embraces the playful side of wellness, enjoying all it has to offer while not taking herself, or life, too seriously. Read on to discover more about her and the rituals she turns to.

Zodiac sign?


Where are you right now?

At home, in Mimo.

What’s your morning routine?

When I get it right, my morning routine typically consists of me warming up water to then drink some hot water with collagen and maybe lemon + some himalayan salt. Then I rinse my face with cool water, brush my teeth and scrap my tongue, stretch, meditate for a minimum of five minutes, set my intention for the day, and journal for another five minutes.

I’ll continue by putting on some toner, vitamin C serum, and my SPF moisturizer, comb my eyebrows and hair, get dressed for work, make some breakfast and eat it before heading out!

What's been inspiring you?

Traveling has been inspiring me lately. Also going to museums, other artists, my friends, my boyfriend, and nature.

What’s beauty to you

Beauty to me is honesty, truthfulness, uninhibitedness.

Favorite ways to nourish + protect your energy? 

Meditation, hot baths with magnesium salts & clay, drinking tea, eating anti-inflammatory, unprocessed foods, mindful exercising, and quality sleep.

How do you foster your creativity? 

Traveling, listening to music, observing art in various forms, and by creating.

What’s always in your kitchen pantry? 

Brown rice pasta, rolled/steel cut oats, nuts and seeds, a variety of spices, olive oil, avocado oil for cooking, canned ethically sourced fish for a quick meal, lentils.

You can only pack one product in your getaway suitcase. Which one is it?

This is a tough one for me, but my moisturizer with SPF.

Your dream Sunday:

Spending the day outside, or painting all day.

Your go-to recipe:

 A delicious batch of nourishing lentils.

Favorite weekend activity:

Going for walks in nature.

What advice would you give your younger self:

Be proud of yourself; you are amazing.

What places are on your travel bucket list:

Copenhagen, Argentina, Roraima, and Iceland.

Favorite wellness splurge:

I just bought an infrared sauna blanket that I’ve wanted for years.

Favorite book:

The book that changed my life years ago is The Power of Now. At the moment, the book I’ve most enjoyed reading is The Blue Zones by Buettner.

A film that never fails to lift your mood:

Anything by Wes Anderson.

Head over to her IG @adri.urdaneta to discover more about her inspirations, travels, and to view her work.

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