Muse World Ft. Jane + Luiza Solano

Muse World Ft. Jane + Luiza Solano

Meet our mother and daughter muse duo, Jane and Luiza Solano. Jane is a retired occupational therapist, and Luiza is a creative entrepreneur, short term rental host, and sometimes a model. Read along to get to know about their mother-daughter relationship + their favorite ways to self care.

Zodiac sign?

J: Taurus.

L: Cancer sun, Scorpio rising and moon. 

Where are you right now?

J: In my home office in Miami.

L: At the new Soho Pool House in Miami.

What’s your morning routine?

J: I tend to my health care, have some breakfast, and then go on my morning walk.

L: It depends on what I have going on that day but I usually have a cuddle session and then go on a walk with my pup. After that I’ve been taking some sort of exercise class (yoga, pilates, trampoline…yep trampoline). I try to get some mediation/moment of stillness in as soon as I get up or right before I start my work day. Sometimes I make matcha or chai or coffee, sometimes breakfast, sometimes not. It really all depends.

What's your favorite self care ritual?

J: Taking a warm bath.

L: My long epsom salt baths. I light candles to set the mood and can spend a good hour or 2 in there. Thinking, reading, journaling, sometimes I fall asleep. Que rico!

What's been inspiring you?

J: Recording and identifying birds and their songs.

L: I’ve been thinking about the dope older woman I envision myself becoming in the future and what habits and behaviors I can implement now that will support that vision. Beautiful interiors have also been really doing it for me lately too.

What have you taught each other about beauty and self care?

J: My daughter has taught me taking care of self is a journey and beauty is subjective.

L: We’re both low maintenance when it comes to our beauty routines but one thing I remember her repeating a lot growing up was “Pretty is as pretty does.” Meaning, it’s what type of person you are and how you treat people that really matters. 

Favorite thing to do together?

J: Be present together.

L: Just hanging out honestly. We don’t have to be doing anything specific. She’s fun to explore nature and art with.

Favorite album to dance to?

J: Believe by Cher.

L: Ugh this one’s hard for me because I like all sorts of tunes. Honestly anything with some good groovy bass. My body decides, not me.

What’s always on your nightstand? 

J: A beautiful piece of a material called 'mola'.

L: My journal, a few books, a glass of water, and a lip balm.

Dream Sunday?

J: Move slow, be with nature and people I love.

L: A sunny, breezy day doing something outdoors. Or an overcast day tending to my home with incense burning and some moody jazz playing. 

Never fails to make you laugh?

J: When someone else snort laughs.

L: My younger sister.

Advice that changed your life?

J: A nurse I worked with suggested I study Recreational Therapy and this was my career for 35 years.

L: Do it scared and do it unprepared! (recent life advice via a TikTok). It’s exactly what I needed to hear!

Favorite spot in Miami? 

J: Fairchild Gardens.

L: Too many to name but anywhere low key and lush works for me.

Favorite wellness splurge:

J: Chakra drum meditation.

L: Vacations!!

Can only pack one product in your getaway suitcase:

J: Dr. Bronner’s Peppermint soap.

L: Either Calendula Comfrey Salve or Seabuckthorn.

A song that never fails to lift your mood:

J: 'Let it Be'.

L: 'In the Morning (Let Your Love Come In)' by Egypt.

Head over to Luiza's IG @luizawhoopwhoop to discover more about her inspirations, travels, and to view her work.

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