Muse World Ft. Monique Magnaye Ferraro

Muse World Ft. Monique Magnaye Ferraro

Meet Monique Magnaye Ferraro, the founder of Mano Nail Studio - a nail art salon and boutique inspired by things done by hand, and mainly known for their non-toxic nail art services, specializing in a Japanese, vegan soft gel system that promotes and supports healthy natural nails. Monique was born in the Philippines, lived in Denmark until the age of five, but spent most of her life in NYC until moving to Miami somewhat recently. Read along to know more about how she embraces the playful side of wellness and her passion for traveling.


Zodiac sign?



Where are you right now?



What’s your favorite morning routine?

Lighting some palo santo and meditating on my balcony, or early at the beach with an acai bowl from Under the Mango Tree.

What inspires you lately?

Vintage Filipino print ads, experimenting with easy + fun hair charms/styles, and cooking more with my husband.

What is your favorite thing about nail art?

I love that it’s a true form of creative self expression, and how it brings out a playfulness in people, whether it be rooted in inspiration, exploration or nostalgia.

What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned while running your own business?

Acknowledge and meet people where they are as much as possible–– know when you need to push and motivate a little more, or if acceptance and restrategizing is the best route for both parties. There’s a solution to everything even if it’s not our first choice, and it will always work out.

How would you describe your current relationship with your skin?

Pretty good! Just always trying to remember to exfoliate more.

Do you have any travel rituals?

Chug a lot of water, Vital Tonics face mask before and after the flight, taking note of the destination’s local supermarket –– I love stocking up on special salts, teas, spices or cute pantry items as a little souvenir from the trip.

Three-to-five products that always make the cut for your carry-on?

Some sort of face mist, functional fragrance from the Nue Co, lip gloss, mints and wipes to sanitize my plane seat lol

What is the first thing you look to do or see when you arrive somewhere new?

Look up the most scenic area and walk to it to stretch after being on a plane.

Your favorite vacation so far, and why?

Morocco! It was the first big trip my husband and I took together while dating and it’s still one of the top places that inspires me. The airlines lost our luggage for the entire 10 days we were there but we didn’t even care and had the best time because it’s just that magical ––the food, the people, the art, the sweet scents of orange blossom and mint tea everywhere…I can’t wait to go back one day :)

Your dream summer morning?

Wake up by the water, no to-do list but chill on the beach, and a good playlist. Extra points if there’s a boat and a fresh seafood spread involved.

Your go-to song to listen to while getting ready?

Loving everything on the Kaytraminè album right now.

What’s on your phone’s lock screen?

An old pic of me and my brother in Panama on the beach.

Your top self care hack for when you're on the move?

Green juice and listening to something fun and upbeat.

Last book you read and really enjoyed?

I always go back to The Alchemist.

Your next travel destination?

No big travel plans this year except going home to New York a few times. Currently daydreaming of a trip back to my fav Mexico City, or Korea for all the nail art + skincare goodies!

Head over to her IG @momojito712 to discover more about her inspirations, travels, and to view her work.

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