Guide to Love Yourself (More).

Guide to Love Yourself (More).

Self-love is more than just self-care; it’s a superpower. It’s not a destination but a practice about accepting and nourishing every layer of yourself. As we practice it, layer by layer, we learn new ways of thinking, behaving, and feeling. We’re walking you through some ways of planting the seeds of kindness to eventually see them bloom. To begin the journey of self-love, implement healthy ways of pampering the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

Make Time For You.

Indulge in whatever makes you feel good. Take some extra time to tap into yourself and do things that you need in that moment. It’s important to treat yourself to a wind-down ritual. We love a gua sha face massage with a nice face oil, or a scalp massage.

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Set The Mood.

Have a full-on date night with yourself. Create your own oasis in the comfort of your home. Light some candles, do a hair treatment and put a face mask in the bathtub while reading, or listening to music. You deserve some relaxation time.

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Be Gentle With Yourself.

Self-compassion provides us with the best mindset for growth through love. It teaches us to embrace and welcome every part of ourselves, including the messy, imperfect parts. When we feel this internal safety and courage, we allow ourselves to discover the wildest and softest parts in us, and to share them with others. Train your mind to stop judging or focusing on what you think is lacking or wrong with you. Let go of the need to always “fix yourself”, and to compare yourself to others. Instead, treasure your blessings and your unique qualities that make you, you.

Show Your Body The Love It Deserves.

Sometimes we tend to be too harsh on our bodies or take them for granted. Your body is a vessel, and if you treat it with love and care, it will give that back to you by giving you the energy you need and allowing you to be healthy and thriving. Practice touching each part of your body and say: ‘I love you. You’re beautiful as you are. Thank you for all that you do.’ It’s important to show your body respect and appreciation.

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Romanticize Your Life.

Through the act of romanticizing your life, you become more in touch with your actions, thoughts, and emotions as you go about your day. How we romanticize our lives looks different for each person as it depends on what brings each of us joy. Pay attention to the simple pleasures in your daily life and use those as a starting point to love yourself more on a regular basis. Ways to romanticize everyday life :

Spend time in nature and appreciate the beauty of the world around you.

Notice the small things and appreciate those little moments in life that often go unnoticed, such as a sunny day, the sound of birds chirping, or catching a sunrise and sunset.

Make meaningful connections with others.

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Reduce your screen time and find satisfaction with other, more fulfilling activities.

Make time to enjoy reading a book.

Practice Gratitude.

Start living from a place of connection to a higher source, whether you call it gratitude, the universe, god, love, life —whichever it may be, learn to trust in it and surrender to it. When your head hits the pillow every night, congratulate yourself for honoring yourself that day, and for connecting to your heart and true self.

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