Muse World Ft. Sofi Perazzo

Muse World Ft. Sofi Perazzo

Venezuelan photographer, Sofi Perazzo, is based in Miami but always on the go. You can find her these days traveling for campaign photoshoots, or talking with strangers on the street while she wanders new places looking for what will catch her eye next. Each of her images are rich with emotion and thought. Read along to get a glimpse inside of Sofi’s universe.

Zodiac sign?


Where are you right now?


How would you describe your morning routine?

Wake up, have a matcha, go on a long beach walk and then lay underneath the trees at the dog park.

What inspired you to get into photography, and what inspires you today?

Photography has always been around me since I was a kid so in a way a really connect to my inner child through it. Beauty (in general) will always inspire me but human beings soaking in the simplicity of life really calls my eye.

Your work covers fashion, travel, hospitality, and everyday life. Does your approach to photography change depending on what you're working on? 

Yes — when it comes to fashion it’s about creating a dream and I really try to stay true to my beliefs in terms of inclusivity and raw beauty. when it comes to travel, hospitality for me is about humanizing the experience yet elevating it in an editorial and creative way that’s inviting. yet everyday life it’s where i really can have full creative control and be more playful with my eye, is a collaboration between me, my intuition and composition.

Through your journey with acne, what has it taught you, what has helped you the most, and what advice for someone struggling with acne would you share?

Acne has taught to surrender when I have no control and that when I get a pimple or two — that has no relation whatsoever with my confidence about feeling good with myself and feeling beautiful.What has helped me the most has been the love, patience and compassion i have and always will for myself. My biggest advice would be to educate yourself in clean beauty and get to know your skin and what works for it.

What was a defining moment that encouraged you into self care and wellness?

The moment where I couldn’t recognize myself in the mirror after going to multiple dermatologists and not feeling comfortable with their prescriptions. That’s when I started learning about clean beauty through sana’s healers and got really inspired after seeing changes on my skin. 

Has the way you look at beauty changed throughout time?

I’ve always been in love with raw beauty. But it’s easy to say that about others and not really feeling like that about yourself. Going through acne made me really fall in love with all those sides of myself where I struggled feeling comfortable.

What’s always on your beauty shelf?

Carrot seed oil.

Essentials always by your side while traveling?

Face wash, vitamin c, moisturizer.

If you were a fictional character who would you be?

Pink power ranger.

Three places you feel the most creative:

On a crowded beach anywhere in the world, whenever I’m with my best friends, and at home.

Who is your biggest inspiration?

My mom.

A secret passion nobody knows about you:

My love for impressionism.

Favorite wellness splurge:

Head over to her IG @sofiperazzo to discover more about her inspirations, travels, and to view her work.

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