Why I gave up caffeine

Why I Gave Up Caffeine

Maybe it’s a simple pour-over in the quiet hours of the morning before anyone else in the house is awake. Or the midday coffee run for the team at the office. Maybe it’s a cappuccino later in the day without disrupting your sleep. Everyone’s coffee ritual is a little different, but almost everyone has one. For many, caffeine is a big reason for that daily cup of coffee. It can give us a ‘boost’ in our alertness

and focus, but it can also leave us with an all-too-familiar ‘crash’ when it wears off.

We’re of the mind that what you put in your body should be held to the same high standards as what you put on it. For most people it’s safe to consume caffeine in moderation. Others metabolize it differently, or are just sensitive to it and can get jitters, anxiety, or a quickened heart rate after drinking coffee, matcha or even green tea.

The way we think about energy in this age of productivity

has become a little warped. We are taught to believe we need to be constantly producing, fueling our body and brain

with caffeine in order to keep going—but that’s not real energy. Depending on each person’s sensitivity, abstaining from caffeine can provide an improved sense of

natural stimulation and recognition of body intelligence.

When we remove ourselves from the cycle of ‘powering up’ and crashing (often followed by another burst of caffeine), we are best able to tap into our body’s needs, and choose to fill up our proverbial cup with nourishing food, adequate sleep, and a vibrant lifestyle.

For Valen, refraining from caffeine has provided a sense

of calm and reduced feelings of anxiety.

What made you decide to quit caffeine?

To give you a back story, the year I started my business (almost 3 years ago), I began experiencing more anxiousness and tension in my body than ever before. I started dealing with upper back pain with crazy tense shoulders for over two years. Every doctor I would see said it was “probably just stress.” I didn’t mentally feel that stressed out for my body to feel this way. What I realized was that my body was taking on the stress and I had to take action to soothe my nervous system and adrenals. When I quit caffeine, my back pain literally disappeared for about 2 months. It was crazy. As if my body was decompressing. I do have to say the back pain came back (hello, stress) but drastically less than before. Now I know when it does, I have to move my body, breathe and relax. 

After quitting caffeine, I also started feeling much more grounded and calm in my body. I didn’t feel that anxiousness I was feeling daily before and felt more centered in general.

How did you transition off of caffeine? Did you experience withdrawals?

I made the mistake to quit cold turkey from one day to the next, which I don’t recommend. For the first week, I had headaches and was a little off focus wise. After a week, I was feeling normal again and my energy was restored. I would recommend lowering your caffeine intake gradually to avoid withdrawals.

What alternatives have you tried + recommend for others sensitive to caffeine?

The toughest part of quitting caffeine was missing the ritual behind a morning cup of coffee. So I replaced it with an alternative that was actually helping my body versus

stressing it. I started using the Collagen Booster and Happiness powders from Anima Mundi and making an oat milk latte in the mornings. It’s delicious, actually tastes

like a real latte and has completely replaced 

my morning cup of joe ritual.

I also love that it has ingredients like Maca, Burdock, Ashwagandha, He-Shou-Wu and much more that give you a boost of natural energy, support hormone health and collagen production.

Tips on how to have more energy throughout the day, hold the coffee.

If you can, try to get outside in the morning and move your body. Whether it be for a morning walk, run or even getting in your car to go to a workout class. Having a couple of minutes in the sunshine + getting a sweat in before you start your day keeps you feeling energized throughout the day. Another tip, breathe. I know, shocking... but most people don’t know how to breathe properly. We are taking shallow breaths throughout the day instead of deep nourishing belly breaths.  Whenever you are feeling sluggish, take a couple of minutes to do breath work & feel that natural energy refresh your system.

What does your morning ritual now look like?

I wake up and either roll out my mat for stretching and light yoga or go for a pilates class. Other time’s I’ll go for a walk or a run along the beach. No matter what, some type of movement whether it’s 5min or 50min. Then I will gravitate towards 5-15min of breathing, meditation and sometime’s journaling. If I have time, I’ll prepare my breakfast after my shower, if not I’ll take it to go and make my delicious morning elixir with Anima Mundi that I sip on on my way to work. Rituals can look different for everyone, it’s really about prioritizing those few things that lift you up, sustain you and give you pleasure in your day to day. Do the things that make you thrive.

Happiness Powder

Who is it good for :

Anyone looking for a yummy boost to their day

Highlighted Ingredients :
- Ashwagandha : helps harmonize mind, body and spirit.

- Rhodiola : promotes stamina and muscle recovery.

- Mucuna : boost dopamine levels.

- Albizzia : reduces occasional anxiety + stress levels, and supports a calm, peaceful mood.

The Results :

Uplifted, Microbiome supported + Mood enhanced

Collagen Booster Powder

Why We Love It : This yummy caffeine alternative is composed of adaptogens, ancient herbs, grounding spices and flowers known to support and beautify, repair, and restore.

Who is it good for : those that want to strengthen their bones, nails, hair, tissue and skin with 100% herbs.

Highlighted Ingredients :

- Horsetail : supports connective tissues, joints, muscles and bones, as well as the kidneys + the urinary tract.

- He Shou Wu : anti-inflammatory, antioxidant properties, supports healthy blood building, and bone strengthening.

- Cinnamon : anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. Also, contains prebiotic properties that may promote digestion and gut health.

The Results : Youthful glow + Digestive flow

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