Muse World: Holiday Edition Ft. Gabriella

Muse World: Holiday Edition Ft. Gabriella

Meet this week’s Muse crush, Gabriella Bhatia. An amazing yoga instructor and Florida girl at heart, born in Cleveland with Puerto Rican descent. Her drive for helping others and sharing the power of movement through her practice resonates deeply in all she does. Some of her passions include dancing, diving, and botanical gardens. Come along to get to know a bit more about her + find out what lights up her universe during the holiday season.

What is your zodiac sign?


What led you to yoga and what has changed in your life since?

Originally an injury led me to the mat. As my practice evolved it became a part of my mental health routine.

How do you nourish + protect your energy during the holiday season?

I try to stay grounded and spend time with loved ones.

What is your favorite holiday tradition?

Coquito for sure! 

What is your holiday gifting philosophy?

Thoughtful / practical.

Rituals you turn to when you have much to do and very little time?

Elevator breathing.

Your ideal “winter” morning routine?

Warm water, light movement, shower, skincare routine and brekky!

How do you end your day?

Hot shower, skincare routine and White Lotus. I’ll read in bed after if I’m too wired from the screens.

Your Sana gift guide?

Anything Naturapathica and The Essence by Augustinus Bader, once described to me

at Sana as “it’s like Botox in a bottle“—sign me up ;)

Dream holiday party guests…

Martha Stewart Snoop combo.

Must-have holiday dish…

Arroz con gandules.

Favorite holiday film / song…

A Christmas Story.

Which Sana holiday kit

are you…

The Dream On Muse kit.

Head over to her IG @bhatiayoga to discover more about her inspirations, travels, and to view her work.

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