Sana Skin Studio's
Six Step Routine


Cleansing is the most essential step to a proper skincare routine. With your skin appropriate cleanser, you can remove impurities and environmental pollutants from the skin without stripping or irritating.

Indie Lee

Brightening Cleanser

Why we love it:  A brightening cleanser that purifies and gently exfoliates the skin without stripping its essential moisture. Oh an...

Use: AM + PM

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Toners are often overlooked but can make a big difference in your routine. They help balance, moisturize and nourish the skin with antioxidants. They also prep the skin for your other products in your routine to absorb better.

Moon Juice

Acid Potion Resurfacing Exfoliator

Why we love it: A deeply nourishing exfoliator that actively resurfaces skin with five acids and botanical support. With 25% AHA+ B...

Use: AM + PM

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Think of serums as your skin superfoods. Usually a lighter consistency, serums are filled with concentrated active ingredients that help you reach your skin goals.


Renew Face Serum

Why we love it:  This hydration rich serum contains ingredients known optimize tissue function, build collagen, boost repair and re...

Use: AM + PM

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Moisturized skin is happy skin. Keep skin nourished and hydrated to protect your skin and give it what it needs to feel its best.


Argan & Peptide Wrinkle Repair Cream

Why we love it:  This cloud like cream, works to tighten, tone, and smooth as it encourages collagen production for a more youthful...

Use: AM + PM

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The SuperGlow

The SuperGlow

Why we love it:A major glow boost with zero downtime. Combines all the benefits of our Signature 50 plus a professional grade brightening peel, gua sha massage, microcurrent + a dose of oxygen. Drain toxins and leave skin feeling hydrated, contoured and glowing. Includes light extractions.

Use: Once A Month

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