Meet the Muse: Emma Apple Chozick

Meet the Muse: Emma Apple Chozick

We’re endlessly inspired by the muses in our community, so we created a space to not only share their creative worlds, but most importantly, to celebrate and support each other. Our first muse feature is the Community and Curation Lead for cult-review platform, Thingtestingand the founder of  This Is Twenty a space where she interviews empowering female entrepreneurs. Through her scope of work she connects with a thoughtful and cultivating digital community. A woman of many talents, she shares her passion for ‘70s furniture and design + hosting dinner parties with friends. Emma is originally from Connecticut, moved to attend business school at the University of Miami, and is currently based out of Miami, FL. We caught up with her to learn a bit more about where she's at in life.

Who are you at twenty-three?

Wow, this is tough to be on the other side of this question! I’ve always had a lot of expectations of myself, one being that I never thought I would stay here when I graduated from University of Miami, but now I couldn’t imagine being anywhere else. It is such an exciting time to be in Miami and I feel fortunate to be surrounded by so many creatives doing really great things.

I work my dream job as the Community and Curation Lead at Thingtesting, a directory and platform for honest reviews of consumer brands. My role sits between our users and brands. I oversee Thingdrop, our product testing program, from end to end and curation across the site, including working with prelaunch brands and selecting the brands we add to the directory each week. I sometimes joke that my job makes me feel like a philanthropist– I get to wake up everyday and connect new brands and our incredible community of early adopters. I’ve felt myself grow a lot in the last year or so, both professionally and personally.

How did you start your day today?

Unpacking the final box in my new apartment which means I’m officially moved in and then straight to Club Pilates with my favorite instructor, Keva– I’m not a morning person, but I never miss her 7:30am Monday class.

What have you learned from female entrepreneurs about finding your place in the world?

There’s really no shortcut

to becoming the person you’re

supposed to be.

You have to go through all the

things to find your way,

there’s no hack.

A couple of years ago

this was really daunting to me,

but now I think it’s

completely liberating.

What makes a local brand grow into a global one?

I think there’s a few things, but the brands that I’ve watched do this successfully have always found their community early, listened to what they have to say, and built the brand with their input and feedback at the forefront.

Where do you see the culture of beauty going?

We’re seeing the beauty industry shift to a much more inclusive place with brands like Topicals and Billie, and more recent launches including EndseenEveryone is JudeThis Hair of Mine, and trywell. It’s long overdue and there’s still more work to be done, but I’m already eyeing a few launches in 2023 that are working toward the same mission.

What do you always keep on your nightstand?

Usually a half full glass of water from the night before :)

What is your skincare philosophy?

Don’t overcomplicate it. There are so many serums, creams, tools, and skin trends being pushed on us. I have to remind myself constantly to just stick to what works for me, which I’m admittedly still in the process of figuring out. 

Sana picks you'd like to test?

I’m eyeing the SuperDetox facial– I've been traveling a lot and my skin is in desperate need of some r&r.

Can’t leave the house without…

Comfortable shoes. I refuse to suffer.

All-time favorite thing I've tested…

The Caker takes the cake! It’s an incredibly thoughtful and elevated boxed cake mix by Jordan Rondel. My mom introduced me to the brand originally and now it’s my secret weapon for throwing an epic party or showing up as a golden guest <3

The last film I watched + loved…

(500) Days of Summer for the hundredth time on my flight home from Portugal last week.

Favorite place I traveled to…

I went to Copenhagen in May and it was everything. I’m obsessed with Danish design and fashion and if I could survive the winter, I’d probably move there.

My go-to podcast currently…

My friend Chris’ podcast, How Long Gone.

Head over to her IG @emcho41 to discover more about her inspirations, travels, and to view her work.

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