Muse World Ft. Camila Malagón

Muse World Ft. Camila Malagón

Founder and CEO of PR agency Malagón Group, Camila keeps it real, staying true to her vision in all she does. Come along and find out more about her latest inspirations, and her deep love for all things wellness and skincare.

Zodiac sign?


Where are you right now?

Los Angeles.

What's your morning routine?

I’m a big morning person, I’m usually up by 5 am and the first thing I do is drink water and go through my emails and text messages and reply to whoever I can so I’m cleared for the morning. I then make my bed, brush my teeth, wash my face and gua sha. If I’m hungry I’ll eat, if I’m not I’ll probably fast until after my workout which happens at noon. Between everything, tons of calls and meetings are usually happening.

What's been inspiring you?

Every aspect of life inspires me! Everything from nature to cars, flowers, the way food looks, tastes and smells, music - beats, lyrics, conversations, textures, feelings, work, my iPhone, social media.. literally everything.

What’s beauty to you?

Beauty to me is being who you are in the most polished way.

What’s your best beauty tip?

I gua sha with my cleanser! Game changer for skin that clogs up quickly. I use the cleansing balm from Augustinus Bader, it has the best consistency.

We know you’re a wellness queen, what are some wellness or beauty tools, supplements or rituals that you can’t live without?

Contrast therapy is my new go-to which is Sauna followed with a cold plunge or cryotherapy. Lymphatic massages, facials, colonics (whenever necessary) and magnesium every night!

Favorite ways to self care?

I love to workout as much as possible and check into a spa every once in a while to try all different types of treatments.

What’s always on your beauty shelf?

“P50” toner, the Irobol serum for acne from Biologoque, The Cream and Rich Cream by Augustins Bader, Moroccan oil, and gel for my hair.

What’s always in your kitchen pantry?

Spinach, almond milk, zucchini, gluten free snacks and stevia (lol).

You can only pack one product in your getaway suitcase. Which one is it?

Gel for my hair and The Cream by Augustinus Bader for my face.

Your dream Sunday?

In a resort, somewhere hot (and chic), in a bikini by the water.

Your go to drink order?

An Arnold Palmer during the day, an Extra Dirty Martini at night.

Advice that has changed your life?

“Don’t take things so personal”.

A secret passion nobody knows about you?

I love to paint!

Favorite wellness splurge?

Lymphatic massages.

Favorite book?

Currently re-reading Radical Cantor.

A song that never fails to lift your mood?

Ride with me - Nelly.

Head over to her IG @_camilamalagon to discover more about her inspirations, travels, and to view her work.

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