What To Do Before & After Extractions

What To Do Before & After Extractions

A deep pore cleansing (aka facial extractions) is key to tackling breakouts and purifying the skin. During your facial, we like to focus on blackheads and whiteheads that are ready to be extracted without causing trauma to the skin or creating scars.

Below is the 411 on post facial extraction care.

What To Do Before Extractions?


Hydrated skin makes it easier for us to extract any blackheads / whiteheads without having to force the skin. Make sure to drink lots of water the week before your facial and use extra hydrating products at home.

Skip the retinol or exfoliants 

To avoid sensitivity during your facial, skip the retinol or exfoliants the week before your facial so your skin will be prepped for professional exfoliation and extractions.

Avoid excess sun exposure 

There’s nothing worse than using exfoliants on sunburnt skin. Make sure to take extra care of your skin pre and post facial to get the most benefits.

What to expect after extractions?


Your skin might experience sensitivity or slight redness the day of, especially on sensitive skin types.


You might experience facial purging:

Although it’s not the most common, some people do experience skin purges a day or two after a facial due to extractions or exfoliation that cause the skin to get rid of the dead skin and toxins below the surface.

What to do after extractions?

Up Your Hygiene 

Among the things you must never do after a facial extraction is touching or picking your face, especially with dirty hands. Bacteria may cause infection, working against your skin’s healing process. Bonus points: pre-wash your pillowcases and makeup brushes. The same goes for towels, or anything else that might come in direct contact with your face for an extended period of time.

Go Makeup Free 

Skip heavy make-up for the first few days after a facial. Makeup may irritate and clog pores so it’s best to give your skin a break and let it breathe.


Drink lots of water to help the body flush out toxins, especially after lymphatic drainage massage and gua sha.

Glow baby glow! Bonus points: Add lemon to your water for a vitamin C boost and yummy flavor.

Book Your Next Facial In 3 Weeks To Keep Your Skin Glowing 

If your skin is on the congested side, we recommend booking our SuperDetox facial designed to calm breakouts and inflammation. If you do book a Signature, we recommend adding our Double Down Extractions to have more time for thorough extractions, Blue Light LED to soothe redness and kill bacteria and our Oxygen Boost Add On. Bacteria can’t survive in an oxygen rich environment which makes it the perfect boost for an acne fighting facial.

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What NOT To Do After Extractions?

Avoid excess sun exposure 

Minimize direct sunlight at least 48 hours after your facial to prevent exposing your vulnerable skin to harmful UV rays that may slow down the healing process. Make sure to apply your SPF daily. 

Skip the retinol or exfoliants 

Give your scrubs or exfoliators a rest for a week after your facial unless your skin is acne prone and can tolerate BHA’s / AHA’s post facial to avoid any skin purging or breakouts. If you received a professional peel, we recommend using gentle, hydrating products for the next 48 hours to protect your skin barrier and avoid excess exfoliation.

Stay away from excess heat 

Skip the strenuous exercise or sweating after your facial. Your sweat can cause clogging, redness and inflammation. Opt for a long walk or yoga instead. Avoid any steam rooms/saunas prior and post facial to prevent any inflammation

Raincheck beauty appointments

Postpone any waxing, botox, filler or laser treatments for good measure.

At-Home Skincare Routine:

Part of post-facial skincare is maintaining that glow at home with a consistent routine 2-3 days after your facial. Here are our ritual favorites to nourish our skin at home.

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