Muse World Ft. Natalie Viklund + Marie Hansen

Muse World Ft. Natalie Viklund + Marie Hansen

In this Muse World feature, we had the honour of interviewing Natalie Viklund + Marie Hansen. Natalie is the Creative Director of AEVI, and Marie is the CEO. Read along to learn about their journey and experiences, their passion for a simple yet meaningful lifestyle.

Zodiac sign?

Marie: Leo Sun, Scorpio Rising and Scorpio Moon.
Natalie: Sagittarius Sun, Aries Rising and Pisces Moon.

Where are you right now?

Marie: London.
Natalie: Northern Sweden.

How did AEVI come to be?

We both grew up with sensitive skin (eczema and rosacea) and that is how we learned to navigate the skincare space. We found a lot of the best and most beautiful skincare brands were exclusive in so many ways that when we were presented with the opportunity to create our own, we wanted to change that. Aevi is our Nordic approach — inclusive, open-hearted and welcoming. Our skincare is made for all skin, especially sensitive skin (and sensitive beings), all skin types, all skin tones, all genders and all ages.

What's the inspiration behind your brand?

Our approach to skincare comes from being in and of Nordic nature all throughout our lives. We focus on simplicity: natural and effective ingredients packaged within a minimalistic design that evokes the Nordic aesthetic and maintains a low environmental impact. Our skincare is first and foremost inclusive, our communication is an open invitation, our products are easy to use, and our price point is approachable. This is what "for everybody, every day" means to us.

What’s beauty to you & what have you both learned from each other about beauty?

Marie: Beauty is something that vibrates through you. True beauty is when the outside is a pure reflection of the inside – it is sharing your truth with others. Natalie has done so much work that she truly is effortlessly herself.

Natalie: To me, beauty lives in us and it lives around us, in all things, at all times, a lot like love. I believe it is up to the seeker to see but there are days when this can feel like a near impossible task. In such times, Marie has taught me another way: to close my eyes and open my heart.

What are some things that you take into consideration when creating your products?

We are very intentional about all our choices. The products must be kind to our skin (including safe for sensitive skin), kind to all the hands that have put in the work to make them and kind to the environment.

What advice would you give to someone just starting out with their skincare routine?

Keep it simple, make sure to hydrate and nourish the skin with gentle products, and learn as you go :)

What are the three must-have products in your routine?

Marie: Josh Rosebrook Hydrating Mist, Pai Oil Cleanser and Aevi Nourishing Face Oil.

Natalie: Karmameju’s face brush, Aevi’s Nourishing Face Oil, and a mist from Aura-soma for the feels!

What's the best beauty tip you’ve learned along the way?

Marie: Be proud of your uniqueness.

Natalie: Hydration – inside and out. And if you want to feel more beautiful, help others feel beautiful.

How would you describe your experiences in the beauty industry as female entrepreneurs?

We’ve been lucky enough to go at things together so we’ve always been a two women team navigating the industry, each with our own strengths. We’ve learned so much and are so grateful for the many people all over the world that have helped us, shared their experiences and expertise, and continue to learn with us. There have been a number of setbacks but we make sure to constantly encourage each other and at times, clear each other's paths if necessary – we are first and foremost friends and it’s been a joy making more within the industry.

What's one thing that you both admire about each other?

Marie: She never gives up and always finds the beauty in things.
Natalie: Marie is unconditionally loving in all areas of her life and actively puts this into practice at work. Mistakes are made on a regular basis but she never brings any anger or frustration to it – she simply appreciates that we are all doing our best, guides us forward and inspires us to do better next time. She makes us all better at our jobs and kinder as humans.

What has been the biggest pinch-me moment of your career?

Holding the hand sanitizer, our first AEVI product, in our hands.

What do you wake up looking forward to?

Marie: To my morning meditation and yoga practice followed by coffee :)
Natalie: Morning kisses from my dog Harvey and meditation with him by my side.

What's next for AEVI?

We’re working on launching a few new products this year – an eye serum, blemish treatment and a super blue face mask. We’re also expanding in the US and Europe to a few beautiful stores so hopefully you can discover AEVI in a few new cities and spaces soon!

Your dream vacation:

Marie: Immersing myself in nature, going hiking, sleeping underneath the stars…
Natalie: Sun and salt water, somewhere quiet in nature.

Always on your beauty shelf:

Marie: The all over balm – I take it wherever I go.
Natalie: Our AEVI Face Oil – a great protector and it gives me a glow.

Advice that has changed your life:

Marie: You are exactly where you’re supposed to be.
Natalie: Don’t take it personally.

Favorite wellness splurge:

Marie: Sana is my absolute glow to facial :)

Natalie: Facial acupuncture.

Go-to self care ritual:

Marie: Going for a walk, putting flowers next to my bed.
Natalie: A yoga class and leaving my phone at home.

Favorite beauty podcast:

Marie: Heart wisdom hour by Jack Kornfield
Natalie: The goop podcast

Head over to @aeviwellness to discover more about this amazing duo and their work.

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