Know When Change Is Necessary

Know When Change Is Necessary

I feel like this past month everyone I know (including myself) has been going throuuugh it. An emotional rollercoaster to say the least. With beautiful gratifying moments and moments that leave us in tears questioning if we can handle the weight of our worlds. Simple things have felt daunting. Then something clicked for me. Whatever we are going through, we decide the narrative or channel we tune into. We can choose at any time to look at things with a new perspective. We can tune into a victim narrative or we can choose to view it as a season in our lives. Like with any season, it is temporary and teaches us valuable lessons. So while it is here, instead of resisting it, what can we learn from it?

What reminders has this season shown us, what changes do we need to make?

How can we course correct to live the life that energizes and supports us?

Our thoughts are like a radio, tuning into different energetic frequencies. If we keep tuning into lower vibration frequencies and negative thoughts that is the energy our days will be composed of. This month, I caught myself repeating statements like “I’m so overwhelmed” and “I’m so stressed”. What I realized is through these statements, I kept tuning into this stressed energy. Sometimes victimhood feels good in a weird way or it requires too much energy that you don’t have to shift out of it. But when you make a conscious choice, to change the channel, to tune into a frequency of trust, abundance and positivity, you can see the world in a new light.

Working out, taking time to prepare yourself a meal, resting, letting go of the overthinking mind, laughing and connecting. You can also decide to take action, set boundaries and make changes to better support your wellbeing. 

It’s easier said than done and sometimes we must allow ourselves to feel our feelings. But we don’t have to stay in a place that exhausts us. We can choose to take steps towards what makes us feel good. Tend to your life the way you would a garden. Weed, water and plant whatever you desire. Take full responsibility for your power and your joy.

It’s through these seasons that we realize more of what we want in life. The yin and yang. A necessary course correction to the most aligned life. Trust in yourself and your journey. Integrate the lessons. Be your own advocate and know when change is necessary. 

Remember, there's a beautiful sunny rainbow at the end of every storm. 

Much love, 



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Meditation is a deeply nourishing tool for me. I come back to it every morning to soothe my nervous system, clear my mind and connect me to my body. I love this one when you are feeling the weight of the world. 


Emmie Rae

I have been loving gentle breathwork and connecting deeper with the lifegiving yet soothing power of breath. My body is not a fan of intense breathwork like “fire breathing” which tends to spike my nervous system but I do love practicing long deep breathing exercises to ground, calm and connect me to my yin energy. Particularly obsessed with Emmie Rae’s breath series.

Member Series:

Sana Self Love Meditation, Sound Healing + Ceramics Workshop

I’m so excited to get our member community together IRL through our Member Series, a curated event series we’ve been working hard on to inspire, expand and connect. Hope you join us!


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