Muse World Ft. Elizabeth Richardson

Muse World Ft. Elizabeth Richardson

This week we catched up with our Sana Muse, Elizabeth Richardson. She's an amazing yoga teacher based between Miami and NYC. Read along as she shares her love for wellness, self care, flowers, and her inspirations lately🌸 

Zodiac sign?


Where are you right now?


How do you balance living between Miami + NY?

I attend school in NYC and live in Miami. While visiting NY frequently before going back to school, I worked hard to cultivate strong networks both work and play. One day I just finally stopped saying “I'm out of town” and instead made it a priority to be in either city when I'm needed, which so far means half the year in NYC and half in Miami and flying back and forth to either at least a couple times per month. NYC is dense and fast paced, Miami can be slow and serene. Both cities give me what the other lacks. Half of my family is based in NYC and my friends are my family in Miami. Having both just makes me feel more whole.

What’s your morning routine?

I live for the morning. I wake up pretty early naturally so drinking warm lemon water and watching the sunrise is a non-negotiable. I also like to get my body moving but not big on working out immediately, I just like to move slow. So I'll go for a walk while practicing a language. For many, our minds are sharpest in the morning so it's a good time to listen to podcasts, an audio book etc. once I'm back home I shower and begin my morning skincare to get ready for the day. 

What's your favorite self care ritual? 

Definitely my yoga practice. I've been practicing for around 10 years so I do enjoy taking classes from other people over a home practice these days.  I really prioritize that one hour out of my day as a way to acknowledge my emotional state in an otherwise pretty busy life. 

What’s been inspiring you? 

Lately, oldies (my mom would not like hearing me say this) but I realized recently how beautiful lyrics from artists like Stevie Wonder or The Temptations are. Just songs about falling in love. Simple and sweet.

What’s beauty to you?

Freedom, anything that's uninhabited. In its natural state. 

What’s your best beauty tip?

Laughter, laugh often.

What’s the story behind your IG name 'wildflower'?

I'm from a really small town in Georgia where as a girl I'd explore the woods around our home and bring home wildflowers by the bunches. I'd even ask my caregiver to boil them in water for me so I could make tea for us. My mom called me her flower child or her little wildflower my whole life and now so does everyone else :)

How did you find yoga and how did it transform your wellness journey?

I've learned over the years it's a little rare when a person's journey into yoga didnt come from a place of being lost and needing to connect with themself. So for me, like many, it was exactly that. I suffered from a sleep disorder from an early age. It's why I began meditating and after injuries in my adult life both physically and emotionally from sport and life, I just needed to take better care of myself. I promised myself I'd practice yoga everyday on August 8th 2013. It taught me to be kind to myself & its changed my entire world. 10/10 highly recommended.

What’s always on your beauty shelf?

Exfoliants, candles, epsom salts.

What are your go-to recs for someone traveling to MIA or NY?

My response to this could easily be a book so I'll try to keep it simple. In NYC I LOVE Union Market, yes the grocery store. The location in East Village the entire staff is so lovely and everything is organized so well. They have a great variety of unique snacks and shopping there/perusing is a nice experience for a NYC grocery store which is typically a very chaotic place. Speaking of markets, do not sleep on ChinaTown’s markets. I get so much fresh veggies and unique fruits from family owned stands at great prices and again, lovely people. Speaking of China Town, practice yoga at Sky Ting, period. In Miami, my favorite beaches are in Sunny Isles. Less touristy, more residential and as many know, the further north you go, the more beautiful the beaches. This will sound basic but South Pointe park raised me. I love Sundays on that strip, grabbing a smoothie, a Liloki and sunset dinner at Smith and Wollensky or live music and beer at Monteys. Just simple and sweet every time.. Never giving up my super secret spots though. Dream on! ;)

Favorite weekend activity:


Go-to evening ritual to unwind:

Yoga, bath, tea.

Advice that has changed your life:

Trust yourself, you've been right before.

A secret hobby nobody knows about you:

I'm trying to learn as many languages as I can, currently German.

Favorite wellness splurge:

I can definitely black out on good skincare products.

Top 3 favorite books:

The Art of Living - Epictetus , The War of Art , Quiet by Susan Cain (they changed my perspective).

Song in your head at the moment:

For Once In My Life - Stevie Wonder.

Head over to her IG @stillbewild to discover more about her inspirations, travels, and to view her work.

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