What To Do Before & After Peels

What To Do Before & After Peels

Our professional enzyme peels are a game changer for smoother glowing skin but it’s important to take extra care post facial. Below is the 411 on post facial peel care.

What To Do Before Your Professional Peel?

Skip the retinol or exfoliants 

To avoid sensitivity during your facial, skip the retinol or exfoliants the week before your facial so your skin will be prepped for professional exfoliation and extractions. 

Avoid excess sun exposure 

There’s nothing worse than using exfoliants on sunburnt skin. Make sure to take extra care of your skin pre and post facial to get the most benefits.

What To Expect After Your Professional Peel?

Increased sensitivity: 

Your skin might experience sensitivity or slight redness the day of, especially on sensitive skin types. If your skin does experience abnormal sensitivity, an extra calming, heavier moisturizer and upping your water intake is essential to hydrate and soothe your skin.

Facial purging:

Although it’s not the most common, some people do experience skin purges a day or two after a facial due to exfoliation that causes the skin to get rid of debris that was trapped under dead skin buildup. 

Minor flaking or peeling:

Again this is unlikely, but if it does happen a calming, heavier moisturizer and upping your water intake will be essential for the next few days. Also avoid picking at the skin to prevent hyperpigmentation from developing.

What To Do After Your Professional Peel?

Love Your Skin Barrier

Use calming, gentle and hydrating products for the week after your professional peel to keep your skin barrier happy. Avoid active ingredients like prescription topicals, AHAs/BHAs, Benzoyl Peroxide, Retinol, and others for at least one week.

Take Extra Care 

Avoid touching or picking your face, especially with dirty hands. Sleep on clean pillowcases (bonus points if they are silk) and use clean makeup brushes. Let your skin breathe by going makeup free a few days post facial and up your water intake to hydrate your skin from the inside out. 

Book Your Next Facial In 3-4 Weeks To Keep Your Skin Glowing 

If you want to continue your glow and smoothing skin goals, we recommend booking our SuperGlow facial designed to lift and brighten the skin. If you do book a Signature, we recommend adding our Professional Peel for a monthly exfoliation, Red Light LED to soothe redness and boost collagen production and our Gua Sha Add On to aid with circulation and lymphatic drainage.

What NOT To Do After Your Professional Peel?

Excess sun exposure 

Your skin is more delicate after a peel, so minimize direct sunlight at least 48 hours after your facial to prevent exposing your vulnerable skin to harmful UV rays that may slow down the healing process. Make sure to apply your SPF daily to avoid sensitivity and hyperpigmentation.

Excess heat 

Skip the strenuous exercise or sweating after your facial. Your sweat can cause irritation, redness and inflammation. Opt for a long walk or yoga instead. Avoid any steam rooms/saunas prior and post facial. Increased blood circulation to the face can intensify warming, tingling, itching, redness or other uncomfortable side effects on freshly peeled skin.

Retinol or exfoliants 

Give your scrubs or exfoliators a rest for a week after your facial to avoid excess exfoliation. We recommend using gentle, hydrating products for the next 48 hours to protect your skin barrier.

Additional beauty appointments

Postpone any microneedling, dermaplaning, waxing, botox, filler or laser treatments for at least 1 week to avoid irritation.

Post Extractions At-Home Skincare Routine:

Part of post-facial skincare is maintaining that glow at home with a consistent routine 2-3 days after your facial.

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