Muse World Ft. Kenzie Henderson

Muse World Ft. Kenzie Henderson

Meet Kenzie Henderson, a model and content creator living in Miami. Kenzie is a seeker of beauty and finds inspiration from simple, day-to-day moments, to traveling and spending time with her friends + family.  Read on for a look into Kenzie’s world.

Zodiac sign?


Where are you right now?

Back home with family 💖 

What's your morning routine?

Wake up and drink a glass of water then go straight to the kitchen and make a cup of coffee, go to the bathroom and brush teeth, wash face & skincare!

What's been inspiring you?

The fresh start of the new year.

Where do you want to be 5 years from now?

Content and grounded in one place with gratitude for who I was 5 years before.

What are you watching lately?

Pressure cooker!

What are you listening to lately?

Anything Khruangbin or Flowers by Miley! Cyrus!

Best skincare advice?

Never over do it. Simplicity is key.

Your dream Sunday?

A morning walk with coffee and brunch with friends!

Your go to drink order?

Either a Diet Coke… I Know it’s bad!! Or if we’re talking alcohol my go-to is Tito’s soda with a splash of lime or a beer :)

Advice that has changed your life?

You can never plan the future by the past.

A secret passion nobody knows about you?

My journal - I write quite a lot.

Favorite place in the world?

Santa Cruz - reminds me of being young again.

Favorite wellness splurge?

A massage!

Song stuck in your head?

Beyond by Leon Bridges.

Head over to her IG @kenziehendersonn to discover more about her inspirations, travels, and to view her work.

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