The Power of Letting Go

The Power of Letting Go

The start of the year always feels a little slow to start. But it’s during these slower times that powerful breakthroughs arise. The fog lifts and we get clearer on what we truly desire out of the year. Once the mental act of creating “resolutions” is behind us, it’s easier to get into our bodies and feel into our hearts, what it is that we truly desire. What intentions we truly want to put out into the world. Where our energy feels good. What we have to let go of or loosen our grip on. 

During these times of internal turmoil, we are often faced with our shadow, our darkness, our fears. But it is through facing them, acknowledging them and embracing them that we can step into our lightness stronger. Instead of shoving it away, what is your shadow trying to teach you? What can we learn from our anxiety, jealousy, anger, sadness?

Where do we need to show ourselves more love? Where do we need to act or slow down?

This month, I learned from the power of letting go of the need to control a perfect timeline or outcome. I learned to come back to the present moment and instead of living for tomorrow, living for today. Cultivating presence in each moment. Romanticizing each interaction. Letting life unfold on its own, the way it is meant to, without my tight grip leading the way. Letting myself color outside of the lines. Letting others take the wheel when they need to and allowing more love and support into my life. Releasing with each exhale. Instead of looking at the year ahead with a strict visual timeline of when, where and how I want things to happen. 

Let life take care of the details for you. Now doesn't that feel better already?

How can you loosen your grip this year? How can you be gentler and kinder to yourself? How can you fill your days with more joy? Whether it be waking up with gratitude, giving yourself a treat each day - whether it be your favorite drink of choice, calling a friend, taking a walk, wearing your favorite dress, having a dance party in your living room, taking a delicious bath, going on a solo date to the beach or a museum. Choose yourself everyday. Choose your joy everyday, because life is too short to save it for later. 

This month, I had the opportunity to travel with my childhood friends. We participated in a ritual in which we each had to go around in a circle and tell each other why we love each other or what we admire about each other. This simple activity was incredibly powerful. We said things about each other that we had never truly expressed before. Tears were shed, hugs were given, so much love was shared. But the most difficult part of the ritual was being the receiver of the “love”. It felt so uncomfortable to actually be open to receive these compliments. We realized that not only is it important to express more to the people we love but it is essential to practice receiving. Imagine if we each authentically felt in our core the way our loved ones felt about us. How strong and powerful we would all be, if we saw, felt and believed the beauty we all hold inside of us. This month ahead, I encourage you to choose your joy each day and open yourself up to receive all the love, wonder and support. I see you and send you love. 

Xo, Valen

Meditation :

Intentions Meditation

This was a beautiful meditation to set intentions from the heart. My words were courage, confidence and love. Let me know what yours are if you do this meditation :)

Workout :

Booty By Mich

It’s been such a pleasure to follow @bootybymich on instagram. She is a literal ray of sunshine that brightens my mood with her smile. I started doing her online pilates classes and I adore her. Try them out!

App :

Chani App

This has been such a fun app to stumble upon at the end of last year. If you love astrology and aesthetics, meet your new favorite app. I love that they provide a weekly reading for you as well as a quarterly in depth reading. There are also meditations, affirmations and all the goods. This app brings me joy!

Product :

Crown Affair Towel

I now understand why this towel is legendary. It is unlike anything I’ve ever tried. It dries your hair so quickly and I think I won’t be able to live without it now. I even travel with it. You must try!

Product :

Mini Muse Pouch

My faithful companion that brightens up my days. I carry all my essentials while traveling and my makeup in the mini pouch that I throw into my bag. (Yes, I’m a makeup in the car type of girl.) I dream of seeing these on all our muses travels. Hope you love them!

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